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Long thought of as a luxury, massage therapy is now widely accepted by the medical community as a necessity.

Whether you are experiencing acute muscle injuries or chronic pain, our licensed massage therapists employ a range of massage techniques to stretch muscle fibers, break up scar tissue, and stop spasming muscles.

Even if you don't have an injury, you may have stress, which causes toxins to get trapped in the body's cells. Massage helps replenish oxygen and nutrients to the cells, relieving stress.

Other benefits of deep-tissue massage include enhanced circulation, improved joint function, increased muscle flexibility, prevention of new injuries, better athletic performance, less pain, more energy, easier mobility, and a sense of peace.

Our massage therapy is offered in our soothing treatment rooms, creating a safe place for you to relax, heal, and rejuvenate.

Why NHC Is Different

While under our care as a chiropractic patient, you will receive in-house massage therapy as part of your treatment at no charge.

This is just another key element that makes us different from most traditional chiropractors. If you enjoy the massage therapy element of your treatment, you can contact our massage therapists and book separate, longer massage sessions.

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