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Integrated Health & Wellness Programs

At Natural Healthcare Center, we are committed to helping you achieve optimal health. Because we address the “whole person,” we take an interdisciplinary approach to ensure that your diet, fitness, and lifestyle choices function together to promote a long, healthy life.

After identifying your health and wellness needs during your free consultation, our chiropractic physicians work with a team of clinicians and therapists to create tailored programs that could include chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, clinical nutrition, and fitness.

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive treatment plan, we are pleased to offer you the following additional free services:

  • Acupuncture consultation
  • Adolescent & teenage scoliosis consultation
  • Personal training consultation
  • Supplement Review (“The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”)

At NHC, it's never a standardized program. We put you, the patient, first through our individualized treatment programs and one-on-one service. As your doctors and therapists, we are here to advocate for your health and will always address your needs and concerns.

To schedule your initial complimentary consultation, please call (732) 222-2219.

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