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Supporting Our Community

Giving back to our community is considered both a core responsibility and a privilege at Natural Healthcare Center. Since opening in 2003, Natural Healthcare Center has helped change people’s lives by supporting worthy causes and leading a number of health education initiatives.

Health Literacy Is the Key to Longevity!

Health Education Programs

Dr. James Proodian has been offering free health education seminars and services to businesses and organizations in Monmouth County for more than 20 years. In fact, more than 10,000 people have heard Dr. Proodian speak about such topics as stress management, fatigue, nutrition, and women’s health.

Because health literacy is the key to longevity, it is essential to learn how the body functions, eat and exercise properly, get enough sleep and manage stress. A dynamic, engaging speaker, Dr. Proodian inspires and empowers audiences to make lifestyle changes and take control of their health.

Health education programs range from one-hour seminars to large-scale keynote presentations. These programs cover topics such as stress management, detoxification, nutrition, fatigue, and fitness. By better understanding how to balance the three components of the Triad of Health – physical, nutritional and psychological – attendees gain the knowledge that helps them feel better, function better and live longer.

As Health Educator for the city’s CityWell program, Dr. Proodian delivers free, monthly seminars for employees of the city of Long Branch. He also performs health screenings and creates individualized programs for all employees. CityWell was created to help municipal employees adopt healthier lifestyles and reduce the city’s healthcare costs.

Natural Healthcare Center also offers its “House Calls” program, which includes a 15-minute One-on-One Health Analysis with Dr. Proodian for each employee at your place of business.

For more information or to schedule a seminar, please call (732) 222-2219 or email

*We provide a limited number of free seminars and House Calls programs per month. We recommend scheduling at least one to three months in advance. Contact us at info@naturalhc for Dr. Proodian’s availability.


  • Your participation in our annual Health Fair was a huge hit as was evidenced by the long line of employees waiting to see you. The subsequent health lectures you gave on “Stress Management” and “Nutrition” were equally well received by our employees.

    I truly believe that providing these quality of life programs has yielded positive benefits not only for the employees, but for our management as well. We look forward to your participation in future employee health events at CommVault.

    Vice President, Human Resources

  • Dr. Proodian provided an engaging and informative program on the effects of workplace stress and the benefits of stress management, nutrition and exercise. His energetic and often humorous presentation kept our Associates absorbed as he encouraged them to become knowledgeable of their personal and professional health. Dr. Proodian certainly worked his magic as several of our Associates and their families have since accepted his challenge, have changed their habits and started on their way to wellness with dramatic results.

    President and CEO
    Wentworth Property Management Corporation

  • Organizations such as yours that reach out to local area companies and provide employees with health information in a relaxed atmosphere are always greatly appreciated. Our employees attend the presentations because they are genuinely interested and want to find out ways to achieve better health and stay healthy. Our company has experienced cost reductions to our health plan as a direct result of the “Lunch & Learn” health programs that you have presented. Our employees are now much more aware of what can be done with just a little effort on their part to begin a program of health and fitness.

    Your presentation was quick paced, interesting, and filled with factual data and helpful health tips that can be put into practice immediately in our lives.

    People Services Manager
    Cooper Wheelock Inc.

  • Many of our employees continue to talk about the value of the information you provided and how enjoyable your lecture was. The facts and statistics you gave on what we do and eat, and how it relates to our physical health, were eye opening. As a result of your common sense talk, we all have a better understanding of how the choices we make every day influence the way we feel and how we age going forward.

    Vice President, Human Resources
    First Financial

  • Dr. Proodian provided us with an hour that was not only educational, but entertaining as well—covering all aspects of diet and nutrition. It has motivated many of our employees to take a more active role in maintaining their health by incorporating exercise into their lives and by being more aware of the foods they are consuming. For instance, fruits have now replaced the afternoon chocolate bar for a healthier mid-day snack.

    Dr. Proodian greatly helped those of us who were confused about what to eat and what not to eat. He delivered the information in a clear and easy-to-understand way, with emphasis on choosing the right foods to fuel the body and to achieve and maintain optimal health. He also offered many useful ideas for making lifestyle changes that not only addressed nutritional needs, but physical and emotional needs as well.

    Human Resources Coordinator
    Village Farms, L.P.

Author and Radio Host

Dr. Proodian discusses pressing health issues and answers questions from patients in his weekly blog, and he has contributed hundreds of educational articles to a number of local publications. You can also hear Dr. Proodian speak about a number of health-related topics on The Bridge FM. Dr. Proodian is now working on a much-anticipated book about the state of healthcare and what needs to be done to reverse the chronic illness epidemic that threatens to bankrupt our healthcare system.

Subscribe to Dr. Proodian’s blog and watch videos of his radio programs on his YouTube Channel.


Natural Healthcare Center offers support and free services to local organizations, shelters and non-profits, including Solutions Health & Pregnancy Center, Ronald McDonald House, and The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. We’re proud to support our community and help those in need by collecting food and goods for local organizations, organizing charitable events and campaigns with our patients, and donating services to charity auctions.

Health Education Seminars


Dr. Proodian’s keynote presentations are designed for groups of 50 or more and can be delivered as a stand-alone event or as part of a larger conference.

Feel Better, Function Better, Live Longer (60 or 90 min.)
Steps to Achieve Optimal Health

Helping Children Make Smart Food & Exercise Choices (60 or 90 min.)
Educating Our Youth

Containing Health Insurance Costs (90 min.)
Reduce Pain and Inflammation Through Proper Nutrition

Tired to Inspired (60 or 90 min.)
Helping Your Employees Get Healthy


For groups of 15 people or more, we offer 60- or 90-minute presentations designed to educate your group on a health-related topic and provide “takeaways” or specific steps you can take immediately to begin leading a healthier life.

Arthritis (60 min.)
Preventing, Maintaining Function & Staying Strong for Life

Athletic Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention (60 min.)
Helping Children Recover Safely & Effectively

Back Safety & Injury Prevention (60 min.)
At Work and at Home

Detoxification (60 or 90 min.)
Keeping Our Bodies Clean

Emotional Nutrition (60 or 90 min.)
The Impact of How We See Food

Ergonomics (60 min.)
Relieving Muscle Stress at the Workstation

Fatigue (60 min.)
Solutions for an Exhausted Society

Fibromyalgia (60 min.)
A Natural Approach to Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Headaches (60 min.)
Solutions for an All-To-Common Problem

Heart Health (60 min.)
Commit to Getting Healthy

Immune System (60 min.)
Heightening Your Defenses Naturally

Nutrition I (60 min.)
Making Smart Food Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition II (60 min.)
Reduce Pain and Inflammation Through Proper Nutrition

Osteoporosis (60 min.)
Maintaining Lifelong Healthy Bones

Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome (60 min.)
Prevent, Treat, and Reverse the Conditions that Lead to Type II Diabetes

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle for Children (60 min.)
The Importance of Fitness

Sports Nutrition for Optimal Athletic Performance (60 or 90 min.)
Fueling Your Body

Stress Management (60 min.)
Living with Stress in Today’s World

Stress & Immune Systems (60 or 90 min.)

Type II Diabetes & Abdominal Obesity (60 or 90 min.)
Preventing Illness by Keeping Trim

Women’s Health (60 or 90 min.)
Helping Women Achieve Optimal Health

Women’s Hormonal Health & the Prevention of Cancer (60 or 90 min.)
The Impact of Stress and Hormones on Women’s Health


For groups of 15 people or more, we offer half-day or multiple-day workshops designed to examine in more depth a number of health-related topics.

Secrets on How to Feel Better, Function Better, and Live Longer (3.5 hrs.)
You at Your Best Health

Nutrition III (Four 50 min. sessions)
Performance Nutrition for the Young Athlete

Stress Management, Fitness, Nutrition (Three individual 90 min. sessions)
Physical, Psychological, and Nutritional

Dr. Proodian’s Past Appearances

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» FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties

» Fort Monmouth

» Fourth Thursday Network Group

» Future Skies

» Garden State Council, Society for Human Resource Management

» Gateway Care Center

» Gold's Gym

» Gregory School

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» Head Over Heels Gym

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» HealthSouth Rehab Hospital

» Heart to Hearts

» High Point Insurance

» Holiday Inn

» Hovnanian Homes

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» Innovative Engineering

» Insurance Office of America

» International Flavors & Fragrances

» Jersey Shore Assoc. for Human Resources

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» Keansburg School District

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» L3 Communications

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» Long Branch Chamber of Commerce

» Long Branch CityWell Program

» Long Branch DPW

» Long Branch Exchange Club

» Long Branch Housing Authority

» Long Branch PBA

» Long Branch Recreation

» Lucent

» Manasquan Savings Bank

» Maser Consulting

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» Monmouth County Business Assoc.

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